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          It’s no secret that M&A is booming in the middle market. Deal activity is at an all-time high, private equity firms hold record amounts of dry powder, and family offices, mezzanine funds and others have joined the ranks of investors looking to deploy capital.

          As M&A activity has picked up, so has demand for private equity services tailored for the middle market. 快3稳赚 LLP, a public accounting firm headquartered in 夏洛特, 北卡罗来纳, recognized these emerging trends a decade ago and set out to build a dedicated private equity services practice. With its vast industry expertise and exclusive focus on the middle market, today the firm serves as a one-stop solution for private equity firms, portfolio companies and founderowned businesses at every stage of a transaction.

          To serve those clients and compete in the M&A marketplace, 快3稳赚 launched its transaction advisory services practice in 2010. Three years later, it formalized its private equity practice. Between 2015 and 2017, the firm honed its focus on private equity and middle-market M&A further by adding private equity sales, operations and business development leaders and creating an investment banking team, 快3稳赚企业融资. “From the outset we have viewed 快3稳赚 私人产权 as a key component of our firm’s mission to bring relevant solutions to our clients, so we have invested heavily in talent at all levels of the practice and throughout our footprint to fuel our growth,” says Matt Snow, 快3稳赚’s chief executive officer.


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